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Ages 8-12

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Ages 5-7 & 8-12

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Ages 5-7

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Save 20%

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Ages 5-7 & 9-13

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More Information

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Ages *noted below

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Give the Gift of Art

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Art Camps

Art Camps

Ages 8-12 | 9am - 3pm

Exploring clay, drawing, painting, 3D construction and more! Campers will create an assortment of individual and group projects in each weeks theme.

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Little Art

Little Art Camps

Ages 5-7 | 9am - 3pm

Artists’ Exchange little art camps are designed to capture the imagination of younger campers. Each week’s theme will match our older art camps and projects will be adjusted to match cognitive ability and dexterity of the 5 - 7 year old age group. Campers will explore a wide variety of materials. The size of the scissors may shrink, but not the creative fun in these camps!

Many handmade tiles with a lion design glaxed on them
Ceramics camp

Clay Camps

Ages 9-13 *unless otherwise noted | 9am - 3pm

A variety of camps for children to immerse themselves in clay studio studies ranging from basic hand building, wheel throwing, and sculpting. Campers will learn a variety of skills designed to fit the camp they are in.  Ceramic focus campers will learn the technical aspects of recycling, slab work, build a simple kiln from a metal trash can and firing pottery in it. All under the guidance of a professional potter and the fire department. Clay adventures offers a beginners taste of experimenting with clay. Sculpting camps have a slight focus on bringing 2D drawings and images of characters into 3D form. 

uplose image of a multi colored ceramic piece made of small rolled out log of clay
Digital Camps

Digital Media Camps

Ages - See Below | 9am - 3pm

Jump into this fascinating animation technique. If you have ever wondered how movie greats such as Kubo and the Two Strings or The Nightmare Before Christmas were made, this is the camp for you! Campers will make their own short movies using drawings, cut out creations, and some claymation.

Artists' Exchange Summer Camp_Music_Keyboard.jpg

Theater Camps

Ages 8-12 *unless otherwise noted | 9am - 3pm

Theater Camps

Act, sing, and dance the week away with a variety of options to suit your budding star. Each theater camp ends the week with a performance for friends and family. 


Discount Information

Save 5% Register Before March 1

Camp Base Price  $325

Save $16.25 

New Price $308.75


3 Day Mini Camp $200

Save $10

New Price $190

Discount Infomation

Camp for Crackers | Save 20%

Help us by bringing in 5 items from the list below

Camp Base Price  $325

Save $65

New Price $260


3 Day Mini Camp $200

Save $40

New Price $160

Save 20% with a trip to the grocery store. Help us by donating items for our annual gingerbread house decorating fundraiser. To be eligible for the discount you must be on a payment plan for camp and your donation must consist of 5 different items per week of camp. Donations must be received before your final tuition installment on August 1.

Eligible Items:

1 Box honey graham crackers

16 oz Can white frosting

1 Box cereal (fruit loops, shredded wheat, cinnamon toast crunch, or golden grahams )

16 oz Bag pretzels (sticks or snaps)

10 oz Bag of candy, can be any of the following:

Hard candies (peppermints, butterscotch, cinnamon candy, jolly ranchers)

Tootsie Roll Midgees




M & M's

Extended Care

Extended Care is a place where after camp care takes a fun and educational approach. Artists’ Exchange Summer Camp Extended Care program will model each camp's theme with fun and enriching projects and activities. With a strong influence of art, we will incorporate science, writing and math. We will encourage children to open their minds and engage in new opportunities to learn and meet someone new. Children will come into extended care and start with a smooth relaxing transition then spend their time exploring exciting activities such as wacky science experiments, creative writing and additional activities related to that week of camp. Campers will end their session with a calm and relaxing closure to a very engaging day at camp.


8-9 AM - $10 PER HOUR/$50 PER WEEK

3-4 PM - $10 PER HOUR/$50 PER WEEK

Extended Care



How do we get you the donations in order to qualify for the camp discount?

  • If you have not signed up for camp yet, you can drop them off during business hours M-F 9-4pm and we will give you the coupon code to register. 


  • If you want to register now or have already registered, we prefer that you sign up for a payment plan, if you paid in full, that's okay, you can bring in your donations any time before your final payment is due. 


Where do I drop off donations if the front door is locked?

  • If you need to drop off after business hours, the Studio Entrance is open 4-8. You can leave your donations with the monitor on duty, be sure to put your name on it! Donations are to be left in the director's office.


When do your camps usually fill up?

  • Little art and Pottery camps are full in mid-March. Remaining ceramics camps and stop motion camps are full early-April. Theater and Art camps for older campers are typically full mid-June.


What do I do If all the camps for my age range are full?

  • We highly recommend the waitlist for our camps. Oftentimes parents pull out and we end up taking people from the waitlist, sometimes the 4th or 5th person, especially because the parents who waitlist early make other plans. 


My child falls just outside the age range, can they still sign up?

  • Each case is different based on how many kids are enrolled and the current age range of each group. Call or email the camp director at


My child attended one week of camp at the artists exchange, how do I obtain your organization's tax id number to claim his camp time as childcare?

  • You actually have better access to it than we do through your account, but we can always resend your receipt which has our Tax EIN on the bottom if you do not have your original emailed receipt. At the bottom of the email click on the link “View or print your receipt”


How late can I pick up my child?

  • Early drop off begins at 8am and late pick up runs until 4pm. 


Do you offer scholarships?


What is your cancellation policy?

  • Because no two cancelation are alike, Here are your options: 

  • If a camp is canceled by Artists Exchange, it is fully refundable. For cancellations of a single day due to weather or full classroom quarantine, reimbursements are issued in the form of a credit for a makeup or future session. If you need to cancel due to COVID-19 illness or quarantine, your registration is fully refundable for the unused days of camp. Any other cancellations have a $50 non-refundable fee. If you cancel and wish to transfer to another camp, the fee is waived. If you cancel and choose to hold the funds in a credit towards future use, the fee is also waived. 

I have a credit from canceling my camp last year, how do I use my credit for this summer?

  • When you register for a camp this summer, you will have the option to use your credit at checkout. If you cannot process it online yourself, give us a call M-F 9-3 and we can do it over the phone.


Can I make a payment outside of the automatic payment window or pay in full early?

  • You can log onto your account with and make a payment any time. If you would like us to process your card for a certain amount we can do that on the back end also. 

Want to treat someone to a camp?

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Gift Cards Available!

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