Art Supply



All Ages


Everything needed to make art at home and let imagination run wild! 

This kit includes: drawing paper, watercolor paper, watercolor paint, brushes, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, oil pastels, drawing pencils, charcoal pencil, glue sticks, and

a bag of assorted craft findings.


All Ages


Design and build the house of your dreams! What materials will it be made of? Will it be geometric, organic, or both? Use your imagination as you find materials in nature and in your house to create a dreamy mini home!

This kit includes: Instruction sheet, Design a Home template, pencil, eraser, brushes, 1 Box, primary paint set, Colored pencils, Tacky glue, Embellishments. Suggested Supplies (not included), Scissors, Hot glue, additional embellishments i.e. Seashells, rocks, grass, sticks and twigs, and/or flowers


All Ages


Create your own magic scratch art paper. Trace and cut out planets or star shapes to hang to make your room out of this world! 

This kit includes: Instruction Sheet, Cardstock, Oil Pastels, Tooth pick, Ribbon, Mod Podge, Paintbrush

Step-by-Step Art Lessons

Along with all the materials, these art kits also include 3 video workshops for students to follow along and learn new techniques.


All Ages


*Best for grades

 2 & up

What would happen if everything in the real world suddenly became a cartoon? Use your imagination to draw and design a whole cartoon community full of interesting characters, environments, and scenarios. Create individual paintings, comic strips as well as a mini comic book and immerse yourself in the fun world of cartoons! 

This kit includes: 3 video lessons, a cartoon workbook, paper for each lesson, a pencil, watercolor pencils, crayons, black sharpie.


All Ages


*Best for grades

 2 & up

This class is devoted to the world of stories. Take what you see in your favorite storybooks and create your very own start to finish. In the first lesson we will create our stories, then we will focus in finishing details, finally we will customize and bind our books together. Each book is unique and great for all ages. What’s your story?

This kit includes: 3 video lessons, color mixing guide, primary paints, brushes, glue, canvas, book boards, paper, pencil and eraser. 

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