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Clay Classes


Artists’ Exchange offers multiple ways to incorporate ceramics into your creative practice.


For those new to the medium or looking to hone skills, we recommend checking out our ceramics class offerings. As one of the few studios offering wheel throwing classes for children, we give people of all ages access to a very hands-on, therapeutic and challenging medium like no other.  


Sessions are eight weeks long and run four times each year, and students are encouraged to repeat wheel throwing classes to continue building skills. 

Open Studio


Artists’ Exchange wants you to be able to build creative time into your busy schedule. We keep our ceramics studio open outside of our regularly scheduled classes for you to use the studio independently. Sessions are $10 and four hours long. They can be paid for individually, or with a flex card.   


Both our wheel room and hand building studio are available, each with an extruder and canvas-topped work stations. As there is a studio monitor, but no instruction, open studio is designed for students who have prior experience in ceramics. Clay, glaze, firings and shelf rentals are also available.



Open Studio Sessions

Open Studios have limited availability, we encourage you to book your spot for Open Studio prior to your arrival to be sure there's space available in your desired evening!


Shelf Rental

Monthly Shelf Rentals allow attendants of Open Studio to store their tools, materials, and projects in our studio between visits.

Purchase in Studio

Flex Card

Flex Cards are for the busy Potter. This bundle is engineered to be flexible

with your schedule, enjoy

7 Ceramics Open Studios

for the price of 5.   

Materials + Firings



AE offers a selection of materials available for purchase.


We stock two of Amherst Pottery Supply's low fire clays, one white and one red, and one raku body.


Clay is sold by the bag.

*Available for purchase during Open Studio



We have a range of colors and textures of low fire glazes, as well as a selection of Speedball underglazes. 


Underglaze or Glaze access can be purchased per glazed piece or by the 4oz jar. 


*Available for purchase during Open Studio




Work can be fired by piece, or by a kiln shelf. 


Prices vary based on the size of the work being fired; starting at $5.


Due to kiln space and staffing schedules, Artists' Exchange can only give approximate dates for pieces to be fired. That said, pieces are usually fired within 2 weeks.  If time is of the essence, we have a 2-day turnaround rush option available that can be added to any transaction. 


*Available for purchase during Open Studio

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