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The gallery at Artists Exchange is available for the show of work for students, beginner, and established artists. We host several solo and collaborative shows throughout the year. It features one large space with 64 feet of wall space with an AS cable hanging system and two smaller spaces each with an additional 25 feet of hanging space located throughout our cafe.  


Gallery Hours Monday - Friday 4-8

Past Exhibits

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DECEMBER 16, 2021 - FEBRUARY 14, 2022

135 Gano Street, Providence

Feast and Fire, Curated by Artists’ Exchange is a collection of art designed for the feast of the everyday.  The experience of holding one's mug while drinking a morning coffee, or eating a slice of cake whilst it sits delicately on a whimsical plate. Each handmade vessel is unique, similarly unique to each individual who uses them. When we engage with a handmade object for as we dine we bring the extraordinary feast to our tables with each use; that which delights, entertains. 


Dinnerware, so often single use or mass produced, needs to return to a space where there is a connection between the artform and the individual. A space where one enjoys and delights in the everyday.

This show features the work of 19 students, instructors, and or studio members, all who interact in our space in unique ways.

DECEMBER  16TH  6:30-8:00PM


Want to exhibit your work at Artists' Exchange?

Email with a proposal and/or CV for more information.

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