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50 Rolfe Square

Cranston, RI 02910

Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm


*Hours subject to change



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Artists' Exchange is a 501(c)3 non-profit community arts collaborative proudly owned by Gateways to Change, Inc.

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Families are welcome to join us monthly for free crafts at Artists' Exchange on the last Saturday of each month!


Craft bash themes are not only designed to be fun art activities for kids but
also enriching learning opportunities. The arts can work as a tool for strengthening skills in all disciplines by offering alternative ways to think about core subjects.  Many art projects unknowingly have ties to math, science and history. By exemplifying these concepts throughout the project, kids can build their art skills while learning cross-curricular information at the same time.

2019 Craft Themes

January 26th

Upcycled Wearables: 
Design a new belt or bag. Create a vest or hat.
When armed with a box full of recyclables or
commonly discarded items, what will you create?



Collage the World:
Where are you from? Create a visual map that
tells the story of your heritage, culture and
identity that is uniquely you.

March 30th

What is Felt Anyway?: 
Study the ancient, sustainable art form of felting as we create functional pieces of art using materials direct from their source! Kids will work with raw sheep wool, soap and water to make one of a kind pieces of felt.



Earth Day Up-cycle:

Use newspaper, magazines, tissue, and construction scraps to make your very own outdoor or protect-our-planet art scene!



Cardboard Cityscapes:

Put on your engineering cap and make your very own cardboard city! Build one perfect building or a whole skyline, use your imagination to create something truly unique. 



Let’s talk Lichtenstein:

Create an illustrated portrait in the style of Roy
Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was an
American painter who is well known for his pop
art depictions of everyday objects. Many find his
art to be exciting and approachable because of
the minimal primary palette, and the comic
inspired subject matter. After learning a little bit
about comics and cartoon faces, in the style of
Lichtenstein, kids can create their own comic



Art Poems:

What is a poem? Learn how to write a Haiku and
create a visual version of your poem to craft a
masterpiece with images that speak volumes.



Shelter Pets :

Use art to help positively impact our community!
Create an illustrated painting of pets that are in
available for adoption from our local RISPCA.
Together we can create beautiful paintings and
help shelter pets find new homes



Pattern Centric Drawing:

Create drawings with a systematic approach to
build up lines, details and symmetry. We will
study the work of Albert Chamillard to help us
build a pattern vocabulary to use to craft a pen
and ink masterpiece.



Fall Collage:

As the seasons change, our outdoor world is
beautified with amazing foliage. Using a variety
of mediums we will create collages to preserve
all the different colors and learn a little bit about
why certain plants are certain colors and how
they change throughout the season.



Print and Reprint:

Using styrofoam, cardboard, tape, yarn etc. we
can make a printing plate to print an image over
and over. Use the old to make something new!



Art Tools:

If you think about the tools we use to make art,
which one is your favorite? Given a box filled
with recyclables and old broken art supplies, let’s
make new tools to create interesting abstract
works of art.

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