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Craft bash themes are not only designed to be fun art activities for kids but also enriching learning opportunities. The arts can work as a tool for strengthening skills in all disciplines by offering alternative ways to think about core subjects.  Many art projects unknowingly have ties to math, science and history. By exemplifying these concepts throughout the project, kids can build their art skills while learning cross-curricular information at the same time.

 Stuck at home? Looking for something fun to do? Want to learn something new?


2021 Craft Themes



Animal Drawing Mix Up

Pick two animals, research the animals you selected. Where to they live? What survival skills to they have? What do they eat? Now Imagine that each animal was flip flopped into the other animal’s environment. Create and render a drawing to demonstrate a silly scenario for these two animals.



Upcycled Ecosystems

Forage your own back yard and use commonly discarded items to bring the outdoors inside and create a living terrarium!



Fairy Houses

Build a home for the fairies in your garden! How will it stand up? How will you make the roof? Put your thinking cap on as you find things from nature to construct a mini home out of materials collected from spring cleaning in the garden.

Make @ Home!



Your Neigborhood

Put on your engineering cap and make your very own cardboard town. Take a walk around your neighborhood. What do you notice about the different styles of houses? Using inspiration from your walk around town and use recycled materials to build a custom toy house. Maybe it is your own house, or maybe it is one straight out of your imagination!



Cool for Summer

Make unique tie dyed bandanas to keep you cool on those hot days! Different dyes require different chemicals to make them colorfast, learn which is which to keep your colors bright and beautiful.



Ocean Prints

Use materials from the recycling bin, or better yet, plastics found on the beach, and add in  natural elements to create an ocean scene that you can use for printmaking to print and re-print your ocean image as many times as you want!



Fall Collage

As the seasons change, our outdoor world is beautified with amazing foliage. Using a variety of mediums we will create collages to preserve all the different colors and learn a little bit about why certain plants are certain colors and how they change throughout the season.

Make @ Home!



Sugar Skull Goodie Bags

Hand paint a reusable shopping bag to customize a trick-or-treat bag to use for Halloween. Borrowing on details from traditional Mexican paintings of the celebration of Día de Muertos, we will learn about the paintings of José Guadalupe Posada Aguilar & Diego Rivera and the traditional images of calaveras and create modern representations to adorn our goodie bags.

Make @ Home!



Three Important Words

Decide upon Three different words that are important to you. Create an art piece with one of the three words (or all three) by using lines, color and patterns that are inspired by the word. The work then can become an art piece on its own. Learn how to make inferences from language and how to visually illustrate words of importance. 

Make @ Home!



Home for the Holidays

This month, stop by Artists’ Exchange and pick up your “home for the holidays” craft kit. Each craft kit includes a painting project and a drawing project with the materials directions and extension ideas for even more at home crafts.



Mini Mondrians

Study the work of Piet Mondrian and his famous Broadway Boogie Woogie. Using elements of music and the architecture of the city, kids will create their own geometric paintings.

Make @ Home!



Heart Felt

Not your standard precut sheets from the store. Study the ancient, sustainable art form of felting as we create functional pieces of art using materials direct from their source! Kids will work with raw sheep wool, soap and water to make one of a kind pieces of felt.

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