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AE Free Craft Bash

Free Crafts by Artists' Exchange on the last Saturday of each month!

Craft bash themes are not only designed to be fun art activities for kids but also enriching
learning opportunities. The arts can work as a tool for strengthening skills in all disciplines
by offering alternative ways to think about core subjects.  Many art projects unknowingly
have ties to math, science and history. By exemplifying these concepts throughout the project,
kids can build their art skills while learning cross-curricular information at the same time.

Looking for something fun to do at home? Want to learn something new?


2024 Craft Themes


Nature Sculptures 

Sculptor and environmentalist, Andy Goldsworthy creates site-specific sculptures and land art in natural and urban settings using only natural materials. After Learning about Goldsworthy’s work create a sculpture of your own.


Whats in a Flag

In honor of Memorial Day, learn how to create a mixed media encaustic flag, inspired by the painting, Flag, by Jasper Johns.


Plein Air Painting 

Plein air painting is a technique in which we leave our studio behind and experience painting and drawing the landscape around us. This practice dates back or centuries but was truly made into an art form by French Impressionists such as Caude Monet and Auguste Renoir. Learn about impressionism and how you can apply it to your own landscape painting of the great outdoors.


Cool for Summer

Make unique tie dyed bandanas to keep you cool on those hot days! Different dyes require different chemicals to make them colorfast, learn which is which to keep your colors bright and beautiful.


Once Upon a Starry Night

Talk about the stars and patterns in the sky and create artwork inspired by your favorite constellation. As we also examine the famous painting Starry Night, perhaps there is a constellation in this painting.


Cyanotype Prints

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Engineers used the process well into the 20th century as a simple and low-cost process to produce copies of drawings, referred to as blueprints. Apply this same process to create prints from nature and everyday objects. Use our materials or bring your own objects to print.


Upcycled Wearables

Design a new belt or bag. Create a vest or hat. When armed with a box full of recyclables or commonly discarded items, what will you create?


Heart Felt

Not your standard precut sheets from the store. Study the ancient, sustainable art form of felting as we create functional pieces of art using materials direct from their source! Kids will work with raw sheep wool, soap and water to make one of a kind pieces of felt.


Home for the Holidays

This month, stop by Artists’ Exchange and pick up your “home for the holidays” craft kit. Each craft kit includes a painting project and a drawing project with the materials directions and extension ideas for even more at home crafts.

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