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Kyle Peterson!


Runner Up

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Staff Favorite

Most Epic Chimney 

Best Landscaping

Most Creative Roof

Most Elaborate

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Gingerbread House Craft Kits

Still Available for pick up while supplies last!


Craft kits are back! The gingerbread craft kit includes everything you need to decorate your gingerbread masterpiece from the comfort of your own home. Select a day and time to come pick up your house kit and take a peek at our own gingerbread installation and workshop. 


Take Home Craft Kits $12 
Artists' Exchange - 50 Rolfe Square 

PLEASE NOTE: Gingerbread house kits are designed to be

craft kits and are not intended for eating.

Each Kit Includes:


  • One pre-assembled Graham Cracker House

  • Extra Crackers (to add chimneys, dormers, or porches)

  • Bag of Assorted Candies

  • Frosting

Once you get hour house kit home, use the provided materials

to decorate. You can also use candy and decorations you have

at home to add a custom flair to your house!


Kits can be picked up in our Gingerbread workshop at our main Rolfe Street entrance. Give your name at the door and we will collect payments if necessary and send you on your way with

your ready to decorate Gingerbread House!

*If you prefer curbside pick-up, please pay in advance

and call upon arrival.

Ornament Making Kits, Art Kits and AE Gift Cards all perfect for gifting!

Also available for purchase

Thank you for your support,

we can't wait to see you again next year!


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Tri-City Elks Lodge

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