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Fairy House

How to Make A Fairy House

Create a magical place for fairies to roam in and out of your yard or garden. How will it stand up?

How will you make the roof? Put your thinking cap on as you find things from nature to construct a

mini home out of materials collected from spring cleaning in the garden. They enjoy secret natural places with just a hint of sparkle!

Supplies Needed:

  • Flat Building Surface (can be a tray of dirt, floral foam, or
    directly in the ground)

  • Sticks and/or Tree Bark

  • Leaves and Grasses

  • Flowers

  • Rocks

  • Natural Colored String, Hemp,
    or Jute

  • Scissors or Garden Snips


Alternate Supplies:

  • Glitter or other Shiny Embellishments

  • Marbles or Colored Glass Stones

  • Hot Glue

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1:

Gather your natural materials, you will need at least 20 sticks to build the walls, depending on the size.


Step 2:

Prepare your materials by laying them out, trimming off roots, cutting sticks so they are an even length and separating leaves from stems. This will help to have all your materials ready for the decorating steps.


Step 3:

Start with your walls and stand your sticks up to create cylinder or cube, whichever shape you prefer. You can use a pan of dirt or foam to help hold your house in place. If you choose to put your house directly into the ground outside, that is also a good option.

Step 4:

Build you roof with leaves or grasses by weaving or tying them together.

Step 5:

Use twigs, straw or thick grasses to create doors and windows. These can be woven into the walls or glued with hot glue. Always get permission and assistance when using hot glue!

Step 6:

Add Embellishments to the house or the “yard” around the house. These can be natural or even a little bit sparkly.

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