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Photo of artist Bob


"Art can be life changing."

Bob was born in Ohio, but came to Rhode Island in 1998 and started at Artists’ Exchange in 2004. When he was growing up in school, he was influenced by some of his favorite artists including Vincent van Gogh, Roy Lichtenstein, and Claude Monet. Bob is very passionate about the world around him and focuses on issues like how people pursue people with disabilities. Bob says that people with disabilities are normal human beings, just like everyone else, that they are just people with special qualities. Bob is also passionate about acting and theater productions. He loves drawing and hand-building clay and being in studio art where he gets to do his own work. Bob was featured in a film with Black Jack, called Polka King, which came out in 2017. In the future, Bob hopes to one day pursue voiceover acting and hopes to continue acting and working with different productions at Artists’ Exchange. 

Bob's Gallery

Bob in Theater

Bay of Bengal

Shadow Art (left) Cacti in the Sun (right)


Monet's Garden

Northern Lights

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