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Photo of artist Sam


Sam was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. When he was younger, he started songwriting on the guitar and still continues to today. He writes songs on the guitar, which he has been learning since high school in music class. Sam also enjoys freestyle rapping, making movies, and especially acting. Him and his childhood friend had made a zombie movie together and his brother made a campaign and raised a lot of money from the campaign. The movie can now be easily searched on Youtube or Kickstarter. Now, he’s continuing to act and is currently working on a sequel. At Artists’ Exchange, he mostly does theater class and acting, although he used to be at the rock and roll camps as a student. Outside of Artists’ Exchange, he goes to college at the Rhode Island College, studying under the program from Sherlock Center, the CCA Undergraduate program, and will be finishing his 2nd and last year. In the future he hopes to pursue a career in the arts, and be an advocate for people with disabilities. He hopes to make a real difference in the future. He hopes to one day go on to the real world after getting out of college, finding a nice job and maybe moving to California once financially stable. 

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