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Artists' Exchange offers classes for the beginning, intermediate and advanced actor that focus on "the method," which strives to make each actor understand the most honest and truthful way to create and perform their role. Classes are available for children, teens and adults. Each class culminates in a performance, to which friends and family are invited.

Artists' Exchange produces four main stage productions per year. Students who participate in our acting classes are encouraged to audition for our productions to test their progress in an actual play. 

A note on theater classes: Theater classes are structured in a cumulative manner, meaning students are encouraged to repeat classes and continue to learn. The instruction is student-focused and is based on objectives identified for each learner. While students are grouped by age, they learn based on what they know and how they can continue to grow. 


May 11 - June 29

May 12 - June 23

May 13 - June 24

May 14 - June 25

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Please Note: Registration Begins April 1st


Monday Classes


Ages 10 - 15

6 - 7:30pm

Britney Verria 


This class is a great choice for students who have performed in theatre or done tech before and want to try things from the other side! We will work on leadership skills, script analysis, and creative staging ideas to explore different storytelling styles on the stage.


Wednesday Classes


Ages 8 - 13

6 - 7:30pm

Britney Verria


Students will learn, memorize, rehearse, and perform scenes from works from film, plays, and classic literature.  We will learn different ways to approach script analysis, practice character physicalization, and explore improv activities to bring a written piece from the page to the performance stage!

Saturday Classes



Ages 5 - 7

9:30 - 10:30am

Lauren Annicelli


Have a little one at home who loves to put on their own shows? Introduce them to performance theatre in Tiny Tots Theater class! Learn the basics of theater, play and dance along with the music and we will take what we learn, using our beginner reading skills, to bring our favorite storybook characters to life!

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50 Rolfe Square

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Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm


*Hours subject to change



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