AGES 8-13 | TINY TOTS AGES 5-7 | 9am-3pm

From story and character to staging and set design, participants will explore all aspects of developing a full–scale theatrical production by immersing themselves in each role through fun yet intensive workshops, culminating in a performance for friends and family.

THEATRE 1: Just Improvise

June 17-21

$285 | $228 after discount

AGES 5-7

Learn the ancient art of clowning around. In this silly week of camp, we pull out all the stops to put on a comedy show- with all the cues provided by the audience. We still use props and costumes, but we make the show up on the spot.

THEATRE 2: Movement Madness

June 24-28

$285 | $228 after discount

AGES 8-13

There is SO much more to theatre than talking, and this is an opportunity for young actors to explore and learn the arts through physical movement. Students will participate in activities that allow them to express themselves in non-traditional ways. We will go over the basics of stage combat, acrobatics, partnerwork, and dance and learn how to use these successfully in a final performance.

THEATRE 3: Improv Extravaganza

July 1-3

$171 | $137 after discount

AGES 8-13

Jump in, be big and bold, laugh, and learn the basics of acting through the wild, wonderful world of improvisation!  Learn to think quickly on your feet and act from the top of your head in this fun, silly, and engaging camp.  Students gain confidence in public speaking, expressing themselves using their body and voice and facing fears of stage fright and performance anxiety.  Class culminates in an original improv show for family and friends written, created, hosted, and performed by the campers.

THEATRE 4: From Page To Stage

July 8-12

$285 | $228 after discount

AGES 8-13

Do Attention all aspiring writers and storytellers! Let's work on the process of creating a story, writing a script, and putting it on stage. During this camp, students will learn about the different generes of theatre and how to find out-of-the-box inspiration for their writing pieces. Our final performace will be a collection of some of our finished pieces!

THEATRE 5: Stories Alive

July 15-19

$285 | $228 after discount

AGES 8-13

Have you ever wished you could be one of the characters from your favorite book or poem? Wanted to turn your favorite song into an entire story? Create the experience by crafting and performing live action versions of pre-existing works! Campers find inspiration and collaborate, practice their skills, and perform for a live audience!

THEATRE 6: Who Am I?

August 5-9

$285 | $228 after discount

AGES 8-13

What's a play without interesting characters? By inventing characters with depth and detail, students will take their theatre skills to the next level. Camp days will be spent creating fictional people and deciding exactly who they are and defining their backstories. The final calss will be a presentation of these characters in a series of vignettes and monologues written by the students.

THEATRE 7: Mischief and Mystery

August 12-16

$285 | $228 after discount

AGES 8-13

Was it Colonel Mustard, in the study? It's elementary, Watson. Students will get to decide when they create their own interactive performance mystery for family and friends. Developing a cast of suspicious characters, creating clues, and of course a few red herrings, campers will help their audience solve an innovative mystery of their own- both scripted and with an improved interrogation!

THEATRE 8: Fractured Fairy Tales

August 19-23

$285 | $228 after discount

AGES 5-7

Travel into the woods and through the magical, mysterious lands of your wildest imagination! Campers will create, write, and perform their own interactive fairy tale, using inspiration from childhood favorites like the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. Wizards, heroes, villians, adventurous princesses, mystical beasts... Dive into the magic to invent your cast of characters and the paths they take on their unique and epic journeys. Camp culminates in a performance for family and friends.

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