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Mylena is a busy woman who’s always working hard and constantly trying to improve herself. When she was younger, she had an art teacher named Mrs. Foyer, who was the nicest teacher she had and she inspired her to draw and continue doing art. She likes doing pottery, singing in choir at church, helps out for the homeless dinners at the cafe, and does theater as well. At Artists’ Exchange, she would make wooly nillys and is always working at the cafe. Her goal in life is to buy a home for her mom through working hard and saving money. She said when she was younger she used to live in a bad neighborhood and her house was on fire when they came home one day. Mylena’s mom is an inspiration to her because when she was a kid, her father died and she had to start working at 15 years old, and she used to be a firefighter. When she came to America she dealt with a lot of hard challenges but eventually overcame them. Because of her, Mylena also has very strong sense of hardworking characteristics. 

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