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Erin works with ceramics at Artists’ Exchange, and has mostly been doing ceramics all her life. She usually focuses more on sculptural and portraiture when she’s working with clay. Erin usually makes art for others, as she believes that that’s the main reason why art is done. Erin is a very hard worker because she knows that all her works can always be improved. She believes that nothing is ever completely finished. She believes in overcoming different challenges, because he can succeed in the end if she continues to work and never gives up. Erin also writes poetry in her free time and hopes to one day publish a book of all her poems. Her main inspiration is Emily Dickinson. She wants to show people that yes, they can succeed regardless of your gender, social class, race, or ability. Erin wants to show the world that people with disabilities are able to reach success and that they should continue to work towards their goal.

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