2020 Virtual Competition



The 2020 Christmas Carol Showdown will be a competition held each week leading up to Christmas 2020; five episodes of Christmas Carol, released each Friday night between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each ‘episode’ will be directed by a different director/company. On the last day, the video with the most votes will receive $500 to be donated in their name to the charity of their choice.



Each team will need to film their section of A Christmas Carol and submit it no later than Friday Nov. 13. Teams do not necessarily need to edit their film, but are able to if they so choose. High-quality cameras can be provided, or teams may use their own. Each team will receive $500.00 towards their production. Teams will also receive 10% of the profits after expenses are covered. 


Teams have full creative control over their section of ‘Christmas Carol’-they may adjust or change the story, cast, etc. however they see fit. Please be mindful that families will be watching (language, lewdness, etc). If these are unavoidable for your production, please provide us with a ‘rating’ that we can share with viewers. Sections of Christmas Carol will be determined on a first-come, first-ask basis. The sooner a decision is made by your team, the better!


The Artists’ Exchange buildings are available to teams, as well as access to the costume, prop and scenery shop at no cost. Productions are not required to use Artists’ Exchange locations for filming. 




The episodes will be advertised and marketed through Artists’ Exchange and through teams should they choose to promote the event.  The episodes will appear through Vimeo and will be charged at $1.99/ticket/viewing, per episode, or in full for $7.99. Patrons will have the option to donate to Artists’ Exchange as well, this will not be tallied in the final calculation.


Local schools will be given the opportunity to purchase ‘Virtual Field Trip Packets’ in which their students will receive codes to view, will be allowed to vote on their favorite episode, and will receive learning packets to accompany their viewing. These sales will go into the final division tally amongst the teams. 


The full production will remain able to be viewed until Feb. 1, 2021, at which point it will be made public on the Artists’ Exchange Youtube Channel and free of charge. 




Proposals are due on Friday, September 25th by 5pm. 

Please fill out the online form below or email megan.howe@artists-exchange.org

We are looking for unique versions of Christmas Carol; please do not be afraid to take risks (artistically), or play with the script/story in any way. Proposals do not necessarily guarantee your participation, or section of the play. 

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