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50 Rolfe Square

Cranston, RI 02910

Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm


*Hours subject to change



(401) 490-9475

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Artists' Exchange is a 501(c)3 non-profit community arts collaborative proudly owned by Gateways to Change, Inc.

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The ceramics program at Artists Exchange is our most popular visual arts program. As one of the few studios offering wheel throwing classes for children, we give people of all ages access to a very hands-on, therapeutic and challenging medium like no other. Sessions are eight weeks long and run four times each year. Students are encouraged to repeat wheel throwing classes to continue building skills. Visit the art classes page on our website to learn more.

Open Studio

Open studio is designed for students who have prior experience in ceramics and need a studio in which to work. There is a studio monitor, but no instruction. Fee per session includes use of all Artists’ Exchange equipment including: wheels, extruders, sink, hand building tables, wedging table, throwing tools, paper molds, cookie cutters, wire tools, sink, stamps, and other hand tools located in the wheel room and hand building studio.

Tuesdays 4-8pm

Wednesdays 4-8pm

Thursdays 4-8pm

Saturdays 1-5pm

$10 per session block

Directed Open Studio

Directed open studio is designed for individuals of all ages who want to learn the art and craft of ceramics but need a flexible schedule. Directed open studio is great for beginners and people with no experience. Students will have the opportunity to work in the studio at their own pace with the guidance of a professional potter/teacher. Students may choose to learn hand building, wheel throwing, tile making, slab building, or sculpture.

Contact Shannon to book a session or for more details.

$75 per hour session

$30 for a second session


Contact us today for more information or to schedule studio time!

Download open studio information packet

Shelf Rentals

Each shelf measures 40" long, 18” deep, 15” high. Students may leave any tools/clay/projects. Only items that fit on the shelves may be left. All other items must be taken home. Students may rent more than one shelf.

Contact Shannon to rent a shelf or for more details.

$5 per month paid in advance

Pay for 1 year in advance and get a free month. ($55)


Artists’ Exchange wants you to spend as much time creating as you would like, so we are offer monthly membership packages to suit your financial and creative needs.

Contact Shannon to sign up or for more details.


  • 4 Open studios (1 per week)

  • Your own storage shelf to keep your tools, clay, and artwork

$25 /month ($45 value)


Along with all of the benefits of the Level 3 Membership, you will be also given access to the ceramics studio during regular business hours, EXCEPT during classes, summer camps, birthday parties, and any other scheduled use of the clay studio. Hours of operation are subject to change with Artists' Exchange schedule. 

BONUS: If we have a special event during your membership month in which we have space for vendors, your registration and table fee will be waived if you wish to sell your artwork!

$150 /month ($242 value)


  • Receive a 10% discount on all classes for yourself

  • Access to ALL open studios (3 per week)

  • Your own storage shelf to keep your tools, clay, and artwork

$80 /month ($165 value)


For the busy potter who doesn't know when they will be able to make it for open studio. This Membership is engineered so you will get the flexibility you need to play with clay when its fits your life!

  • 7 Open Studios for the price of 5 (Does not include $5 per month shelf rental)

$50 /Flex Punch Card ($70 value)


  • Three 8oz cups of low temperature glaze (your choice of colors)

  • 25lbs of low-temperature white clay

  • Two full shelves in the kiln per month (NOTE: Unused shelf space does not carry over to the next month)

  • Receive a 10% discount on all classes for yourself

  • Access to ALL open studios (3 per week)

  • Your own storage shelf to keep your tools, clay, and artwork

$110 /month ($142 value)


materials are the most important part of ceramics! Here at Artists' Exchange we use Sheffield's basic Cone 06-02 white earthenware clay and their Cone 06-02 terra cotta, both of which work very well with our variety of commercial brand glazes. We offer both underglaze and glaze options in every color of the rainbow.

WHITE CLAY or TERRA COTTA CLAY: $12 (12.5lbs) | $20 (25lb bag) | $40 (50lb box)

GLAZE: $6 per 4oz container

CLAY/GLAZE PACKAGE: $45 (25lbs of your choice of white or terra cotta clay, plus use of all studio low fire glazes)

Kiln Firing Fees

Full kiln load: $65

*Pieces larger than 12" are considered two pieces and will be charged as such

Due to kiln space and staffing schedules, Artists' Exchange can only give approximate dates for pieces to be fired. That said, pieces are usually fired within 1 week.

SIZE        SINGLE PIECE        1/2 SHELF        FULL SHELF

Under 6"                  $2                                $6                              $12

7"- 12"                     $6                                $12                             $24

Over 12"                  $8                                $6                              $12