AGES 8-13 | 9am-3pm

Exploring clay, drawing, painting, 3D construction and more, participants will complete an assortment of individual and group projects in each weeks theme, culminating in a showcase at the end of each camp, followed by the unveiling of an installation at our 11th annual Fall Out of Summer Arts Festival in September.

ART 1: Heros and Villians

June 17-21

$285 | $228 after discount

Are you a hero or a villain? Can you fly? Are you invisible? Sculpt your arch nemesis, build a disguise and create a story all your own with your new superhero identity. Campers will be able to imagine themselves as superheroes in this week devoted to all things Marvel, DC, and beyond.

ART 2: Under the Sea

June 24-28

$285 | $228 after discount

Ahoy mates! It’s shark week and so much more! Whales, jelly fish, mermaids and sunken ships galore. Create a sea of creatures armed with paint, clay, and recycled materials and before you know it, you won’t be in art camp anymore. You’ll be under the sea!

ART 3: Cartoontown

July 1-3 (3 days)

$171 | $137 after discount

Whatwould happen if everything in the real world suddenly became a cartoon? Use your imagination to draw, paint, sculpt, and design a whole cartoon community full of interesting characters, environments, and scenarios. Create storyboards for comic books and immerse yourself in the fun world of cartoons!*No camp July 4th or 5th

ART 4: Upcycle Mania

July 8-12

$285 | $228 after discount

What can you create using recycled materials and your imagination? ANYTHING! Discover the many uses of an orange juice carton, create something new and amazing with plastic bags, and imagine a world where recycling rules supreme!

ART 5: Art Around The World 

July 15-19

$285 | $228 after discount

From Lascaux cave paintings to the Great Pyramids of Egypt, put on your imagination caps and travel around the globe, exploring history and culture through art.

ART 6: Storybooks & Illustration

July 22-26

$285 | $228 after discount

This week of camp is devoted to the world of stories. Using tall tales and picture books, campers will discover what it takes to illustrate a book. Campers will learn from illustrators like Jon Klassen, Chris Van Allsburg and David Weisner to create a style that is all their own. What’s your story? 

ART 7: Meet The Artist

July 29-August 2

$285 | $228 after discount

Can you paint a French garden like Monet? Do you love the mixed up faces in Picasso’s works of art? Have you ever thought about how Andy Warhol made that same soup can over and over? This camp is for you! Explore every medium and create art inspired by artists new and old, the masters and the contemporary. Meet the greats and become the best artist you can be!

ART 8: Cardboard Creationary

August 5-9

$285 | $228 after discount

Cardboard can be used to create just about anything... so what do you get when you mix art, cardboard and creativity? Recycling at its finest! Imagine the possibilities this week when we work with nothing but cardboard... what happens when you put it in clay? Or when you mix it in the blender to make paper?If you could make anything out of cardboard what would you make?

ART 9: Urban Art

August 12-16

$285 | $228 after discount

Can you artsify a city? Of course! Urban installation artists create just about anything from huge steel sculptures in parks, 40 foot long mosaics in subways and giant murals on sky high buildings. Using inspiration from city life, campers will paint, sculpt and erect an urban oasis from the pavement to the sky!

ART 10: Magical Artists

August 19-23

$285 | $228 after discount

Armed with the power of magic, the possibilities are endless! Take a ride on a dragon and imagine you have magical powers.  Build your own magic wand, compile a book of spells and mix potions, all within the walls of our magical school of art.

ART 11: Animal Kingdom

August 26-30

$285 | $228 after discount

Art, animals and all things wild collide in this week of adventures. From the ocean floor, to the sky, the deserts to the mountains, campers will explore, recreate and invent creatures and habitats of the wild world.

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