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Andrew, or Zandrew Aurland (his artist name) is obsessed with art. Andrew is very versatile, and likes to work with medium such as pen, pencil, markers, and sometimes clay. A lot of the characters that he draws are drawn from memory and he personifies the characters in different postures or clothings that he brings from the magazines. Andrew’s artwork expresses a lot of his feelings and personal life. In his drawings he would often associate people in his life with different Walt Disney characters. His favorite Disney movie is Basil of Baker Street, the Great Mouse Detective. In it, is the character Basil, which he represents as himself. For his friends’ birthdays, he would always draw their character on a card for them. Andrew does abstract work as well, but mostly just characters. All of his work is very neat and methodical. You could also always count on Andrew to do the most complex drawings. Andrew is great with compositions, realism, and still life drawings as well. 

Andrew's Gallery

Zandrew working with clay...

Zandrew working...
Zandrew's Self Portrait
Zandrew's Birthday
Zandrew working outside

Geoff's Birthday Card

Kathrynn's Birthday Card


Zandrew depicts his best friend as Woody from Toy Story.

Card for Greg

Woods Gerry Textiles Show
Woods Gerry Textiles Show
Woods Gerry Textiles Show
Woods Gerry Textiles Show
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